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Empowering Women
to be Victorious


Proverbs 31:25


Graceful Warriors' goal is restoring women by embracing and living out of their True Adonai-given identities as daughters of the King of King. 


We begin by learning our true identities through bible studies and encounter times with Yeshua. Using emotional healing tools, we bring healing to wounded hearts. We promote attachment relationships with other women and with the Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father, and Yeshua.
Teaching biblical principles and understanding the mighty names of Adonai, we teach how to stand and act in the power and authority of Yeshua and the power and authority as ambassadors because we are children of Adonai, the Almighty Adonai. 



We Create social change at the individual, local, regional, national, and worldwide levels. We work to prevent limiting behaviors and abusive actions towards women and children. We stand in the gap of injustice where humankind has failed, but Yeshua has not. 

Our Vision is to create World Changers!

Yeshua revealed His vision for this ministry and called Kellie Ann to partner with Him in creating world change. 
Part 1: "I, Kellie Ann, saw a vision of a group of women standing in a circle, praying. They were surrounding a home where a young woman was standing in front of her abuser with her head down, beaten down by domestic violence. Next, I saw a ring of angels ascend and surround the abused woman's home and the abuser being forced out of the house by the angels. Then I had the understanding that the praying women would minister to the young woman, and Yeshua would heal and protect her supernaturally from her abuser."
Part 2: "I saw the circle of praying women walking around the borders of a village. Next, I saw a militia army going toward that village. All of a sudden, they became anxious and turned away from the town and went in a different direction." 
Part 3: "Lastly, I saw a ring of angels surrounding the women as they were praying. The Lord said, "I will hem them in behind and before to keep them safe, and they will do mighty things in the Kingdom. Abuse will stop, women will be set free, human trafficking will cease, and child abuse will end as these women take up their authority in Me, the Almighty Yeshua. Kellie Ann, train up women, and together we will Change the World."


Become a Graceful Warrior for your family and community today!
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Graceful Warriors ministry school educates women on their true identity in Yeshua. Many women, myself included, lost their true identities. Our culture and social dynamics often confuse and misrepresent what Scripture teaches as a woman’s true identity. We focus on first learning how to be Daughters of the King of Kings. Second, we focus on being women as ambassadors of the Kingdom. Third, we focus on being the beloved Bride of Messiah. Fourth, we focus on being mothers to Adonai’s children.

(Pastor Kellie Ann Peterson has spent many years searching and studying the Bible in its original languages to find the true understanding and identity of women who are Adonai’s daughters, Daughters of the King of Kings. )


Graceful Warriors ministry school empowers women to use their identity and its biblical foundation to expose the enemy's lies about women. It will equip women to stand strong in the Word of Adonai and, with the power of the Holy Spirit, break off the cycles of misinformation, mistreatment, and abuse of women and children.


(Pastor Kellie Ann Peterson learned many of these tools in her own life as Yeshua walked her out of a life of domestic violence and from abuse to victory. She has taught many women and families these powerful tools in her years as a Family Intervention Specialist II.)

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EngageWomen Changing the World.png

Graceful Warriors Ministry school understands the significance of having head knowledge and no action. Without action, women stay in lifestyles that steal their joy and sense of purpose in life.


Engage is where the Graceful Warriors movement becomes a family, community, and worldwide change that fights for women’s true identities and stops the abuses they suffer because they lost their identities as Daughters of the King of Kings.



I got the BEST coaching from Kellie Ann. She's compassionate, wise, and is really good at shifting mindsets and seeing problems as opportunities to grow. 


It's ENCOURAGING to dive deeper and be reminded of all the ways our Father God wants to protect and bless us in our daily lives. I've also enjoyed getting to know the other women a little better and appreciate their prayers.


Have you experienced a Graceful Warrior event and want to share your review or a Graceful Warrior testimony?

Send it us we are excited to hear from you.

Written by You

Founder Pastor Kellie Ann Peterson

For more information about Kellie Ann the Founder of Graceful Warriors see the About Page.

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