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Pedophilia is NOT a sexual Orientation!!!!!!! It is a CRIME!!!

I wrote this poem after I had to an intense healing session with Yeshua and I felt like I had no voice. Well here is my voice crying out to the people of the WORLD, please listen to the children in your lives. Even the littlest child has something important to say. If you are listening they will tell you who they feel safe with and who is a danger. They do not always use big words, they often use actions, sometimes very subtle actions of fear or withdrawing, becoming silent, hiding behind you. If your child is doing any of these actions STOP what you are doing, remove your child from the situation. Then start asking important questions like, (1) Did something make you feel afraid? (2) Has that person scared you before? (3) What did they do, can you show me? (this question is very important, children do not usually have words for sexual abuse, But they can show you what happened.) ALWAYS believe what your child is saying, children cannot imagine or makeup this type of trauma.

The rule of thumb is: When in doubt always believe your child!

P.s. I posted this on Facebook with no name attached because facebook is censuring post right now and I wanted to get the poem out to the world!

P.s.s. If this has caused emotional pain for you please reach out to us at Journey 2 Shalom we are here for you :)

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