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Discover the Strength and Healing of a Wounded Heart Graceful Warrior

Wounded Heart Graceful Warrior is an amazing journey of redemption. Kellie Ann is a teen mom who marries young only to be rejected and abused by her alcoholic husband. But Yeshua (Jesus) has not forgotten her heart towards Him. Bringing divine interventions and miraculous emotional healings, Kellie Ann goes from a wounded, abused, and broken young woman to a beautiful and beloved bride of Yeshua Messiah. Her story reaches deep into the hearts of women and men alike who have struggled with abuse and addictions. It reveals a loving, forgiving, and kind relationship between Yeshua and His beloved bride, the body of Messiah. Kellie Ann will have you laughing, crying, and calling out to Yeshua as you read this powerful story of redemption and healing.

I just finished reading Kellie Ann’s book, all in one sitting! And to be honest, I’m typically not much of a reader. While reading her words, I could sense her openness, vulnerability and heart of compassion. Her writing is very stream-of-consciousness in a way that keeps you engaged and wanting to learn more of her story. Her budding relationship with Yeshua and how she learned more and more about him, His protection and guidance throughout her life, and his love for her through different situations, visions and interactions between the two of you is so inspiring.  

Judi S.

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